Saturday, May 1, 2010

thoughts that overwhelm me:
the idea that i have only/already lived for 15 years.
i have so much of life left.
it hasn't even started.
my husband is walking on earth right now...somewhere.
i have truely found out who my real best friends are. i love them
im starting to realize most people dont stick around very long.
we are all convinced that our lives are the only lives that matter.
down the street there is someone with completely different circle of lives. mind boggling.
my head hurts thinking about this.
the bible is like an answer key and nobody even gets it. its the most intriguing book
i live for God and he has changed my life in the past month completely.
there is more to life than volleyball...
people actually check my blog
my friends are walking inspiration for my life.
MY BROTHER...i cant even discribe my love for him.
havent met you yet-micheal buble....epitome of my life
i really want to delete my facebook. i really do.
rumi neely is now famous from a blog she started 3 years ago. cray...
grades are actually kinda important.
im learning every day and that thrills me.